Curatorial projects

I have done smaller and larger international curatorial projects over 20 years. I have curated video art festivals, performance art events, exhibitions, music events, and established artist-run spaces. You can find some pickings below… There are a lot of new upcoming projects, I will eventually post them here.

2019 “New World Spectacle” International festival of performance art, Hirvitalo, Tampere, Finland

Performance art offers amazing and unique opportunities to the artists and the audience – people become part of the creative process and in that way enhance the quality of the artists actions. A performance art event is a place to find a spring of inspiration and a real break from everyday reality.
New World Spectacle gives an opportunity to create and experience the disappearing art in the context of “new world”.
World Spectacle intends to refresh our senses and curiosity by looking for a new format of presentation.

2013 “Untouchables” Group exhibition of Estonian avant-gard artists, Gallery 3H+K, Pori, Finland
2008 “Global Container I–II” International live art festival, NG Art Container, Tallinn, Estonia
2007–2008 NG Art Container gallery, Tallinn, Estonia (gallerist & curator)
2007 Ville Karel Ghetto Space, Project Space, Pärnu, Estonia (founder, gallerist & curator)
2005–2006 Galerii CnOPT, Tallinn, Estonia (founder, gallerist & curator)
2004, 2007, 2001 Pärnu International Film and Video Festival, Pärnu, Estonia